Find Your Pet’s Perfect Floor

Whether your four-legged companion is a Napper, a Klutz, a Shedder or a Shredder, here’s how to find a pet-friendly floor that both of you will love

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Our pets give us unconditional love, but their sharp claws and flying fur aren’t kind to our floors. Match your four-legged companion to one of the descriptions below, and get $500 off your next purchase at Dolphin Carpet & Tile!

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If your pet falls asleep in doorways, on the stairs and atop piles of Legos, you’re living with a Napper. Nappers crave surfaces that are soft, warm and comfortable. Look for carpeting options that are cozy but tough enough to stand up to spills when your Napper runs wild between snoozes. One option is Mohawk’s SmartStrand® Forever Clean, with innovative fibers that resist stains and an “all pets, all accidents, all the time” warranty.

If your pet knew where his body parts were, he wouldn’t knock over his water dish, miss the litter box by a mile or skid nails-out down the hall. You need a floor that’s easy to clean and he needs a surface that forgives his mistakes. Consider durable ceramic tile or natural stone for Klutzes who forget they’re housebroken, luxury vinyls, like Dolphin Carpet and Tile’s COREtec Plus, to provide more traction, or scratch-resistant but nap-friendly cork.

If your pet loses her body weight in fur every day and marks her path with slobber, you need a surface that can shrug off her leave-behinds. Hardwood floors can be cleared of hair tumbleweeds in seconds, but choose wood that’s harder than 850 on the Janka Hardness Scale to avoid scratches from nails and claws. Moisture can be a problem with hardwood surfaces, so choose stain-resistant bamboo for Shedders who tend to have accidents.

Coming home to a happy pet is one of the simple pleasures in life. But tearing up your floor shouldn't be the source of his joy. Scratch-resistent laminate floors are an excellent choice for enthusiastic Shredders and a stylish alternative to carpet, tile, stone and hardwood. Some laminates are waterproof, and Mohawk’s Revwood+ even comes with a warranty covering pet-related accidents.

Dolphin Carpet & Tile has provided quality floor covering in South Florida for over forty years. Click here to learn about their pet-friendly solutions and find the location nearest you.

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