2/15: Poker Face

Hold 'em, Hakkasan and Happy Hour


PUBS AND POKER: Do the words "place your bet" give you butterflies in your stomach? If you're one of those who actually believes that poker has a place on ESPN, then we have the place for you. Miami Poker Society hosts their No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments at Brickell Irish Pub tonight with big prizes being on the line. All tournaments are for bar tabs and for MPS Brickell Irish Pub points. There will also be mystery box prizes and bounty rounds. Not only are they promising a good time, but come with your dark glasses on tonight. They say this group doesn't play around when it comes to their cards. 7:30 P.M. 

IT'S A NEW YEAR: Have you already given up on your new year's resolution? Don't fret too much, you can re-dedicate yourself to another goal today. It might not be January 1st, but it's a different kind of new year, the Chinese one. You can celebrate the year of the tiger at Miami's premier haute Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan. They had a huge party last night to celebrate the first day of the new year, but the party will continue with a menu dedicated to the new year with things like king prawn, pan-friend flounder or braised abalone. Did we mention all this deliciousness is going down at the beautiful Fontainebleau? 6 P.M.

VERY HAPPY HOUR: After a hard days work, there is really only one thing that you should do tonight: Go to happy hour, of course! With all the cocktail hours to choose from, its hard to pick. So, how about we do it for you? At Area 31, not only do you get an amazing atmosphere and view, but the specials make the evening truly happy. Drinks are $5 and bar bites like Serrano ham slices wrapped around salty manchego are $6. Deals like that will cure any case of the Mondays. 5 P.M.

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