Top 25 Things Vanishing From America

Charcoal, sidewalks and newspapers are just three of the endangered icons on this list.

Oh, the times, they are et cetera.

As you Twitter an update to your Tumblr account before hopping the subway and watching The Dark Knight on your iPhone, spare a thought for the It Items of eras past, the ancestors to these must-haves, the consumer goods, cultural icons and traditions whose existence you may have taken for granted (we certainly did) but whose days, thanks to progress and just plain changing attitudes, are most certainly numbered.

Butcher shops, stick shifts, and maple syrup are on Walletpop’s second ranking of the Top 25 Things Vanishing From America -– so are sidewalks, trading pits at the stock exchange, and the old reliable daily newspaper with its paper and its ink.

Go check out the full pantheon before lists become obsolete.

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