8/18: Spend the Night With Mr. Jones

Singing Crows, microbrews and football-inspired raw fish

BIRD IN THE HAND: And in your ears. The Counting Crows ("Roooound Heeeeere") take you back to the '90s -- when it was okay to wear flannel and 30-pound black Doc Maarten boots in Miami - when they perform for the grand re-opening of Bayfront Park. Also on the bill are Spearhead and Augustana. Whoever they are. 7 P.M.

ROLL OUT FORMATION: Are you one of the 12 people who has attended a Dolphins pre-season game? Then your dedication has paid off: RA Sushi has launched their Fins Roll -- a spicy lobster roll topped with fresh salmon and avocado and served with spicy mayo - and if you bring your ticket stub, the roll is $2 off. Did we mention the roll is also teal and orange? Okay then.

NICE BUNS: As if good, affordable food and great music and beer isn't enough, 8-oz Burger Bar has gone and made us want to eat there even more than we already do with their new "beer of the month" - August is all about the Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat from the Abita Brewing Company in New Orleans - and Wii Zone, which we're thinking is self-explanatory.



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