8/23: This Sunday Contains No Preservatives

It's all about live music and fighting the food man

It's not just Major League Baseball players who are getting artificially big these days. Our food is, too, and a new documentary called "Food, Inc" (www.foodincmovie.com) shows the ugly truth about what we're putting in our mouths. Do food companies care more about profit than our health? In the words of someone who kills her own sources of protein, you betcha. Eat first, then head to the Miami Beach Cinematheque. 7 P.M.

You've got the pipes of a cat in heat, but lucky for you the pros will be belting out the best R&B, funk and jazz a couple cocktails can buy. It's the ever-popular, roaming Vintage Soul night, which this week takes place at the News Lounge. 8 P.M.-midnight. 

But don't let the soul stop there. Head over to Purdy Lounge later for Chocolate Sundays. This week they've got guest performer Mayer Hawthorne, who grew up in Detroit, listening to the likes of cats such as Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield. 11 P.M.

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