8/7: Take it to the Movie House

"G.I. Joe" will be there next weekend -- tonight, treat yourself to some fantastic filmmaking

THE NERVE!: Whether it's relationships or a club, nothing lasts more than a decade in this city. So if this is Optic Nerve's 11th appearance at the Museum of Contemporary Art, then it must be worth checking out. The event celebrates local artists and filmmakers by screening their work - 15 films, all under 5 minutes,  including everything from animation to stop-motion to the study of a parking meter. 7 & 9 P.M.

FRESH PAINT: Wouldn't it suck to clean houses 'til you're in your 40s and then realize you're an awesome painter? "Seraphine" is the true story about a housekeeper who teaches herself to paint in middle age - though, in the early 1900's, when this story takes place, 40 was like 80 - and is discovered by a renowned art dealer. If it's good enough to win Best Picture and Actress at the Cesars (France's Oscar equivalent), then it's good enough for your Friday night. Miami Beach Cinematheque, 7 P.M.

IN IT TO PHIN IT: We named our football team after them and cheer them on as they jump through hoops at the Seaquarium. But "The Cove" isn't about Flipper. It's a documentary made by Ocean Preservation Society co-founder Louise Psihoyos about the slaughter of thousands of dolphins each year by Japan and the activists who go to PETA-like lengths -- i.e. crashing a whaling conference with a TV showing bloody dolphins strapped to one's chest -- for the cause. Screenings at area theaters start tonight.


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