Event Report: Bobby Flay Oscar Party

Just a quick note on the Moet& Chandon Bobby Flay Oscar Party. (Last Sobe Food Fest post, I promise! Cut me some slack here, I'm just now emerging from my food coma).
Lots of great food - Bobby's menu of southwestern eats certainly satisfied with the standouts being the corn with chilis and creme fraiche, the smoked chicken and sauteed papaya and piquillos. The champagne was flowing thanks to Moet & Chandon and the Paris Theater was nicely outfitted in high-top tables with easy access to the bar and food buffet. Once the show got going they set up a table of Godiva goodness including the best snack ever created - chocolate-covered pretzels - a happy union of salty and sweet.

B-Flay was there, of course, but what's a SBWFF party without the ubiquitous Guy Fieri? Seriously, that is one over-exposed food celebrity.

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