Ay, Canela

Canela Cafe offers a taste of tapas

Biscayne Boulevard has its share of great restaurants, many are open only for dinner, like Michy’s, and some just for afternoon eating, like The Daily.

Luckily, Canela Cafe offers a taste of tapas right on 51st Street, between downtown and the Upper East Side, and serves three delicious menus daily.  

Perhaps the most delightful perk of Canela, for the internet obsessed, is the free wi-fi in a neighborhood not well-populated with hotspots. Munching on a wide variety of vegetarian and meaty tapas while scouring the web for new shoes is sort of unbeatable.

The spinach and cheese empanadas pleasantly surprise; they’re not only tremendously tasty, but they’re made with a buttery, flaky pastry crust. Canela is perfect for dessert or as a "sweet side" -- a cappuccino with dulce de leche, peraline and canela cinnamon, for which the restaurant is named.

Definitely try the gambas aljilo. These shrimp are sauteed in white wine, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. Not to be eaten on a date, but just so taste bud-friendly that it’s worth bringing along some mints and enjoying the savory shellfish without worrying about the consequences. 

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