“Bad Girl” Kristen Guinane on Miami TV Shoot: “It Was Like ‘Jersey Shore’ Invaded”

EJ Camp/Oxygen

Kristen Guinane,  a self-proclaimed "Princess from Boston," did not find her Prince during the three-month shoot of  "Bad Girls Club: Miami."

In fact, she never came close.

“Don’t go to Miami to meet straight men unless you’re into the guido type," Guinane, a curvy platinum blonde, told Niteside. "It was like 'Jersey Shore' had invaded. I like to go out and meet people -- I didn’t meet one guy while I was there."

And that wasn't the only thing that bugged her about the Magic City.

“The shopping I didn’t really like -- I feel like everything was overpriced. Getting your nails and hair done was the worst -- [I had] the most expensive manicure ever and it was horrible."

Guinane, who called South Beach home while filming season five of  Oxygen's “Bad Girls Club" found that even though she loved Miami nightlife, there were perils to that, too.

“I had a lot of fun going out at night, but it was very strange. When the cameras are on, some type of Voo-Doo magic comes over people. Normal people might shy away, but crazy people jump in front of the camera and will say things or throw things to try to just get on film.”

The madness didn't stop at the club door.

“We would be walking in the streets and I would be worried for our crew," Guidane said. "People would just start screaming, especially in bars. People are haters -- especially on camera."

This past summer in Miami Beach was a reality TV hot spot what with the Kardashians, the "Jersey Shore" cast and the ladies of the “Bad Girls Club,” but Guidane tells Niteside that the only thing they all shared was a zip code.

“We never ran into the Jersey kids. We never hung out with them or anything. Their barber dated [Bad Girl] Erica, but that was as close to them as we got.”

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