“Basketball Wives’” Royce Reed on Dating Another Athlete

Royce Reed

There is no doubt Miami has had its fair share of reality shows. From Jersey Shore to Bad Girls Club, and, most recently, Real Housewives of Miami, the Magic City is no doubt a great backdrop for TV. So, it was no surprise when Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife, Shaunie, brought Basketball Wives to VH1 and to the 305.

And with their second season that came to close with an explosive reunion, one standout was most definitely Royce Reed. Known for her dancing career with teams like the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat, she has now made a name for herself with her dance company Fantashique. But her reputation as Dwight Howard’s ex, and mother of his son Braylon, also precedes her. Actually, “Howard's Ex” seems like a title she can’t shake off.

So, when we got a chance to sit down with the reality star, we wanted to know: Even with all the drama she had with her NBA ex, would she ever date another athlete knowing what she knows now?

So, you said in a recent interview that you were single. Are you dating?

I am. I am dating. I have one in particular, but we aren’t exclusive or anything. I have gone on dates here and there, but I’m not putting all my eggs into one basket.

Do you want to get married and all that good stuff?
I am in that domestic mode right now.  I want to be a wife and be a mommy to have more kids. I want that life. I want to have my career, because I don’t think I could be a housewife. I might get bored, but I want to be in love. I want butterflies when I see my husband, and just be able to do all that stuff, you know? My parents have been married for 40 years and I definitely want that.

Would you ever date another athlete?
I can’t say I wouldn’t. It makes me very iffy. Many athletes are just your typical football players that will send their publicists to my publicists and ask if I’m interested.

Is that how celebrities find love these days?
Actually, yes. A lot of them do!

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