Bring That Miami Bass

Vagabond hosts record release party

Don’t forget your booty tonight when heading over to Vagabond. It will be necessary to shake it at the Miami Bass Warriors debut record release celebration.

Their style is Miami to the extreme, it’s like they took every place or cultural specific memory about growing up here and put them to music. There definitely had to be some digging into a long lost, third grade conversation to create the title of their song, “Bro, That Chick’s a Basser.” The Warriors are a powerhouse of Miami talent. Members include Otto Von Schirach, of IDM fame, Jose el Rey, whose old Cuban man shtick is purely genius, Debbie D, formerly of Avenue D and El Tigre. The lyrics are definitely funny set to dark, bass beats. Their hit, Going Back to “Calle Ocho” will forever immortalize the line, “let’s go out and bass all night.” An invitation hard to resist.

Tonight Basside and local artists, the TM Sisters, will be providing the visual effects with lasers and swaying derrieres. This is part of the weekly party hip hop, bass, freestyle, funk, rock and soul party, Shake, featuring resident DJs Doormouse, Alex Caso, A-Train, DS and Johnny Strokes.

From 10-11, get your one dollar Colt 45 tallboys, and if you really want to ensure a stomach turning combo, an additional Jaeger shot will only cost you $7, as will Colt 45 quarts. It’s the birthday of the album’s cover artist Junk, so play a game of Nintendo from the bar in honor.

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