Iron Chef Cat Cora: Miami has Become an “Epic Food City”

Continental Cocktail

Listen up Fourth of July grill masters: Iron Chef Catherine "Cat" Cora has a tip for you.

"Don't be afraid to put everything on the grill," she said.  "The great thing about BBQ's is a lot of it is real casual and fun food."

"I have a grilled Guacamole in my book -- that's very Miami," she added.

Cora, a denizen of Santa Barbara,  was at Books & Books last night to promote her cookbook "Cat Cora's Classics with a Twist" and the frequent visitor to the Magic City said the town's bites have gotten better with time.

"There was a time when Miami was just like L.A. in the sense where it wasn't taken seriously [as a dining destination]," she said.  "Since then, it has just grown to become such an epic food city."

Now, the "petite chef" (as she is sometimes referred to), has even received Oprah's seal of approval by being chosen as one of the famed talk show host's new talents.

"I've been asked many times to do a reality show, but I continued to say no to that -- my family doesn't need to be on TV," she said. "[Oprah's project] is going to be kind of in the reality scheme of things, but in an Oprah-esq way."

Cora said she has full faith in Oprah.

"It is a very inspirational show...I feel like I am in the best hands I could be with Oprah," Cora said.

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