Croissant Did You Say?

Paul bring a bit of France to Lincoln Road


We first encountered Paul overseas. There was a definite immediate attraction on our part and, hey, he had a lot to offer.

No, Paul isn’t a sexy, generous, wealthy dude who bought got us drunk on our spring break in Paris, Paul is a delicious bakery and boulangerie, one that has arrived stateside. Us francophile Miamians were thrilled to learn that the people at Paul chose South Florida as the spot to settle their roots in North America.

The location on Lincoln Road proves that there is a French lunch spot in Miami that provides both authentic atmosphere and quality treats. Other places may whip up wonderful croissants, but there’s nowhere to sit, and other times, the place looks like a real French bistro, but the pastries taste like a beret. Paul on Lincoln has both the taste, the shape and feel of a Parisian cafe with a Miami twist. If you choose to sit inside and face away from the door, you might as well be in Montmartre.

Make sure to try the goat cheese toasty, a slice of crusty bread toasted and covered with goat cheese and seasoned tomatoes. These are the foods that make the world go round. We promise you won’t be disappointed. The pastries and breads are really the pieces de resistance. Founded in 1889, Paul has long been known for retaining traditional methods still used to bake and prepare their breads. No matter what you decide on for lunch or breakfast, you'll leave pleased with your decision and a little more inclined to regularly use the word, "merci."

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