Dance the Night Away

Yes, MAM's event tonight is performance art. No, you won't be wierded out

Performance art is one of those ways of expressing yourself that one might align with yelling at a puppy or public drunkenness.

There’s certainly some performance work that would make anyone beg for relief, but there are also some thoughtful pieces worthy of all of our attention.

For instance, the one night only show, Re-Visit, Re-Vision, Re-Verb, at the Miami Art Museum promises to be good. Would MAM send you astray? We think not.

Re-Visit, Re-Vision, Re-Verb is the premiere display of dance works which claim to “blur the boundaries between visual and performance art.” We can promise moving bodies, and hopefully some quality action. The dances are performed and created by Ana Mendez of Psychic Youth, Inc, in collaboration with Rebeca Pena of Flux Forces, Misha Nikitine from Seanik Arts and Marc Spielberger from Miami City Ballet.

This is part of the MAM Summer Nights Program where every second Thursday during the hottest days ever, MAM opens up after hours to offer a bit of culture in this tropical paradise. It’s a good excuse to see something different and get out of the house.

The cost is $10 and the reception begins at 6:30 p.m.

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