Do You Have the Time?

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TICK TOCK: If you thought the Dick Tracy watch from back in the day was impressive, wait until you hear about Philip Stein’s luxury watches. Not only do they keep time and look snazzy on your wrist, these watches actually improve health and sleep, reduce stress and increase focus. But don’t take our word for it, just ask Oprah, Madonna or Samuel Jackson—all fans of the line. How does it work, exactly? Miami-based entrepreneurs Will and Rina Stein found a way to work Natural Frequency Technology into its timepieces. These frequencies are the chief resonant frequencies of the earth and are known for grounding life. It’s a way of channeling positive energies and keeping track of your day. The new Ceramic Collection for fall brings a yin and yang feel to the line with black and white ceramic watches on ceramic bracelets. Turns out time is on your side. GET IT: $1,595. Available at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour, 700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour; 305.865.6161.  

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