Filthy Fine Art in South Florida

Kinky exhibition ARTundressed comes to Miami

With all the rain lately, it’s feeling like the start of a sultry summer. Unfortunately the weather outside is humid and uncomfortable, but maybe it’ll inspire the lovers in us all toward other “sultry” activities.

This weekend, at least a few people will be making the best of the heat at ARTundressed, South Florida’s International Erotic Art Exhibition Weekend. Horniness and art? Yes. And we’re not just talking the sex scene from Fatal Attraction or a night were all you hear is Prince’s “Erotic City” with Deep Throat showing in the background - there’s actual art at this event.

Over 160 artists will be exhibiting 350 pieces, all expressing their talents using this titillating subject matter. This year’s theme is Illumination, appropriately shedding light on an oft overlooked subject... we joke, not quite overlooked anymore. It’s safe to say that sex is a favorite subject of the media and viewers alike. This exhibition is a chance to address your favorite topic in a less crude manner, outside of the bedroom with a new crowd, with a little class.

ARTundressed starts tonight and runs through Saturday, but leave the kids at home, there will probably be some rubber and nudity. The opening takes place at the News Lounge, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., featuring live performances, DJs, interactive visuals (fun!) and a special screening of Emmanuel Malherbe’s “Virgin Wool.” The art exhibition will be located at The Wynwood Social Club where there will be live performances and fashion shows for the fans of creative bedroom wear, body painting and of course, art. Amusingly, the closing party is called “the Good, the Bad, and the Kinky” Ball at the Electric Pickle. Doesn’t get much better than that.

After the tour does Miami, the exhibition moves to Chicago, Dallas, LA and SF. Adults only can find more information at www.ARTundressed.NET.

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