Gear for Guys

… because boys will be boys and they need T-shirts and toys

HISTORY BUFF: First Napoleon Bonaparte had a complex named after him, and now, thanks to Emperial Nation, he has his own shirt. Much like D&G’s fall line, Emperial Nation is taking historical figures and plopping them front and center on its tees. But unlike D&G, you can actually afford these shirts. Let your dude take Bonaparte for a spin on the French Revolution Napoleon Living Tee to show that little warmonger is still living large. $41, Emperial Nation  

SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD: If the last thing your guy saddled up on was the passenger seat of a Mustang convertible, you can still help him embrace his inner cowboy at the local online depot for rednecks, We think the cowhide koozies are the perfect way to make his beer stand out at that next backyard horseshoe toss. $15, Southern Brand  

ROCK ON: Which is it boys like more: instruments or video games? Stop trying to figure it out and just let them have a little of both. Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for Xbox 360 is on super sale at Walmart. Finally, you can get him to stop strumming that air guitar and beating those lap drums. Now if only they made one for the car. Through September 3. $99, Walmart


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