Got a Pocket Full of Lollipops

The dynamic husband and wife duo perform tonight at Heathrow Lounge

Art and music are like pb and j, jeans and t-shirts, husband and husband.

Whatever your preference, music and art pretty much always go well together, and sometimes great artists make great music. That is the case with husband and wife team Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga make both art and beautiful music together.

Once known as Mod’lone, their new incarnation has been given the jaunty name Pocket of Lollipops. The duo has been creating all sorts of interesting material for many years now. Having just returned from playing shows in New York, Maryland and Virginia, these two are back to impress Miami audiences with their unique sound. The group mixes culture and technology to create intensity of sound. Often, the auditory art is accompanied by visual projections, created mostly by local artists Dylan Romer or the TM Sisters. The art creates a theatrical setting and it moves with the sounds of the drums and the bass.

These two don’t just jam well together, they also make some impressive art apart. Maitejosune Urrechaga’s work is influenced by graffiti art, which she mixes with more traditional brushwork. She prefers group projects, which include oddball outcomes, such as designing mini refrigerators at Pimp My Kart or her Mind the Snails show, which ran during Miami’s Art Basel and received a nod from the Best Of New Times.

Tony Kapel’s most recent success outside of POL includes "Closing Time," a documentary on the DIY Miami art and music scenes. Tony has been playing drums for 20 years and his talent and dedication are apparent in this newest project.

One of the group’s songs is currently featured in a London-based exhibition, “The End of Something,” which takes a musical approach to the global financial crisis which remains a pain in all of our behinds. Next month, and again reflective of our times, POL will perform at the Life is Art, An Environmentally Artistic Miami Showcase.

Tonight, after 9 p.m., head down to Heathrow Lounge for Free Your Soul Wednesdays where POL will be performing. Other bands playing include Honey Henny Lime, Majestic, London Heights and Tinfoil Apparatus. DJ Nick will be spinning some loungey music with some hip hop and punk included.

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