1/19: Hoosiers and Horses Are in Town

Hoosiers and horses aren't your thing? What about some scotch?

CIRQUE DU HORSE: Most South Floridians see a horse during their usual work week, but it's usually in the following ways: with a cop on top of it, at Gulf Stream Park or during "Mr. Ed" reruns. Well, good news: the best thing since Cirque du Soleil is in town. The co-founder of Cirque has given us Cavalia, a new show that somehow incorporates 100 castmates including 12 breeds of horses, acrobats, musicians, riders and aerialists. In the Cirque tradition, there is guaranteed insanity with men standing on top of horses all while they ride around Bicential Park doing things that WILL blow our minds. Cavalia does have one thing over their Cirque counterpart: price. You can catch this show tonight for a very budget-conscious $26.

HOOSIER VENGEANCE: The people of Indiana, also known as Hoosiers, love their Pacers. But there is no way that their love can touch Dade's love for Wade and the Miami Heat. Last time the Pacers were in town, the Heat treated the Pacers like their personal whipping boy. But, the rumor in the locker room is that the good ole boys of Indiana are out for blood. Tonight the Heat will try to make up for their recent embarrassing lost against Oklahoma City and play the Pacers at the American Airlines Arena.  At the end of the day, no matter who wins, remember AAA serves hard liquor. No night can truly be that bad when it includes booze and basketball. 7:30 P.M.

SCOTCH SURPLUS: Everyone has their vice. If yours is Scotch, you're truly in luck. Texas De Brazil on Miami Beach is doing their very best to make Scotch lovers very happy. Tonight they are doing something that hasn't been done before: giving you the best of their menu in a THREE-course meal. Even better, all three of those meals will include a specialty scotch drink paired to perfection.  This meal will cost you $85 and a reservation, but isn't total and complete bliss worth it? 7 P.M.

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