It's Tiësto Time

Tiësto, one the biggest DJs on earth, is about to make some noise in Miami at the WMC

He’s the first DJ in the world to single-handedly sell out a stadium with more than 25,000 people on two consecutive nights. Tiësto's played the Olympics, had songs topping charts all over the world and now he’s coming to Miami for the Winter Music Conference festivities taking over the city from March 24 through 28.

Before Tiësto spins the black circle at Ultra Music Festival this week, the Holland-native shares a little about what’s going on in his day-to-day.

NBC: Miami is psyched for your arrival. What are you most looking forward to while you're in town?
TIËSTO:First of all, I'm looking forward to performing on Friday night at the Ultra Music Festival, of course. And I like catching up with all my friends in the music community from all over the world who come to WMC each year. I'm also eager to catch the gigs of some of my favorite artists, especially Bloc Party and Santogold.
NBC: You're known all over the world for your dance music, perhaps it would be best to call you a king of electronic music. But your fame is still relatively undercover here in the U.S. What are you doing to make a bigger name for yourself on this side of the pond?
TIËSTO: I am not really trying to get bigger, just playing great sets and producing the best new music I can possibly create. I think I am in a great position in America. I wouldn't want to be a mega celebrity like Brad Pitt, where you can't go out without everyone following you around. My fans are incredible and hopefully they will spread the word about all the new music I am going release this year. They are the ones who have gotten me to where I am and are the reason why the crowds keep growing at shows and more and more people listen to my music.
NBC: Would you ever venture outside of dance music to make a bigger name for yourself in the U.S.?
TIËSTO: Maybe, but I'd rather try pulling other big artists into dance music.
NBC: With rock music influencing electronic music even further, where does your sound seem to be evolving?
TIËSTO: I am definitely influenced by rock music as well. For instance, the last remix I did is for The Killers' latest single "Spaceman,” and I'm finishing a remix for Calvin Harris "I'm Not Alone." I call it Rocktronic.
NBC: You've been at this for some time now, do you still feel that fire and excitement like when you were just starting out?
TIËSTO: It's true that nothing has exactly the same impression as when you experience it for the very first time, but I definitely feel the fire and excitement now more than ever. I am enjoying my life now more than five years ago. I love the gigs, the people and I am excited to be producing new tracks for my new album. I fully realize that I am so lucky and am grateful for where things are at in my life right now.

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