Jesse & Joy Talk About English Album, U.S. Tour and Doing Laundry

Jesse & Joy released the song “Corazón de Campeón,” or Heart of a Champion, a soccer anthem in which they cheer on the Mexican soccer team.

Mexican siblings Jesse & Joy are about to begin their first non-stop United States tour, visiting 15 cities, including Miami.

But as they focus on the tour, the five-time Latin Grammy winning duo has also been preparing various songs in English, something they owe to their American part of the family. They grew up in Mexico City, raised by a Mexican father and an American mother from Wisconsin.

“Growing up with both cultures was a very nice experience,” Jesse said. “The food, the expressions, the words, the music, it is an amazing adventure. I’m still enjoying it.”

Their American and Mexican influences, said Joy, will eventually be combined when they decided to release music in English. No date has been set for an English CD, but they are already writing the songs. They will be in Miami on June 9.

The fans in the United States have proven to be supportive, as their venues for the upcoming tour are almost sold out, said Jesse.

“The difference is that normally we do a city, then we go back,” Joy said. “But this time we are doing 15 cities in a row.”

Along with the tour, they also released the song “Corazón de Campeón,” or Heart of a Champion, a soccer anthem in which they cheer on the Mexican soccer team.

The song, which can be dowloaded for free while supplies last, was produced by Jesse, and it incorporates drums, an instrument they have never used in this way before.

“It’s like putting your hair down,” said Joy, who leaves her guitar for the drum sticks.

But it’s also a way to cheer on their Mexican team and make others passionate for soccer.

“We also wanted to reflect our ancestor’s influences,” Jesse said. “The tribal thing, the warrior driven music and drums were a very important part of the song and we wanted to get presence on stage.”

The brothers are booked for the upcoming months, but say it’s weird when they are not busy. They are usually resting, writing or watching soccer.

“We don’t know what to do with ourselves,” said Joy, about having extra free time. “We do laundry.”
Jesse & Joy do the majority of things together. They have become friends who share the same passion for music said Jesse.

“We’ve never been separated and I think that’s the key to it,” Joy said. “We’ve always been together.”

They have set their limit to out of space, and hope to continue playing music past their seventies, they said.

“The best thing about music is that you don’t have to speak the same language,” Joy said. “It can be a different language than you know or that you speak, but you can still feel music.”

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