Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Has Cure for What Ails You

Overindulgent, over-the-top and overpriced. There’s a lot going on at Lapis Spa. Here’s a few things you can look forward to.

It’s not just any spa, it’s the 40,000-square-foot (yes, that’s bigger than your house) cavernous Lapis Spa. The Fontainebleau oasis features 30 private treatment rooms and a menu of services that incorporate natural elements like fire, earth and water. What does that mean exactly? Well, take for instance the Voyage to Regeneration. The 60-minute, $45 (before 5 p.m., $25 after) treatment includes a dip in the immersion mineral water jet bath (earth), a plunge in the energy shower (water) and a catnap on the heated hammam (fire), among other treatments.

On top of boasting ever spa service you could ever fathom, Lapis Spa also hosts a Warren Tricomi Salon where you can take part in something called Cocktails & Nail Therapy. Intrigued? You should be. The service includes you and a group of friends sucking down wine or custom martinis (made by the salon’s master mixologist) while you get a mani and pedi. Have a little too much to drink? Head back over to the spa for Morning After, a spa-style detox that will run you $220 for 80 minutes.

In addition to getting drunk on libations and self-indulgence, Lapis also offers Tracie Martyn beauty treatments. Martyn, the go-to-girl for celeb beauty secrets, focuses on facelifts sans surgery. Does it work? For $325 an hour, you try it out and let us know.

In another attempt to help you fend off aging, Lapis recently partnered with the skincare line Cures. The brand is known for treating skin conditions and offers something for every skin affliction you can think of. Have dry skin? Try the nourishing mask. Feeling a little oily? How about the algae deep pore cleanser? Living in Miami making you old before your time? No problem. Slather on a little wrinkle preventor and spend another night dancing until dawn. (Just be sure to book a Morning After the next day).

While we can’t guarantee Lapis and all its services will actually turn the clock back, we can attest you will feel like you’ve spent and entire day at the spa—because you did. And chances are your wallet will also get a makeover. Although it’s probably not the kind you were hoping for.


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