“Divas Rebeldes” at the Miami Hair, Fashion & Beauty Event By Rocco Donna

Celebrity Hairstylist Leonardo Rocco celebrated the 9th year of his Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion event with a fashion show by Rosita Hurtado and Miguel Angel Masjuan. The runway was filled with notable Hispanic personalities who showed the latest beauty trends from Rocco Donna. The fashion show, named "Amazonia 2014", presented the latest in hair colors, cuts and styles, and makeup looks.

This year, the theme of the event was “Divas Rebeldes” or “Rebel Divas”, which recognized extraordinary women that managed to break stereotypes and imposed their own style. Each of the “Divas Rebeldes” was impersonated by a known entertainer who donned hair, makeup and gowns reminiscing of the Diva’s most famous moment in history. The Divas came in character and graced the runway wearing gowns by Rosita Hurtado and Miguel Angel Masjuan.

The Divas of the night were singer Marger, who transformed herself into Donna Summer, rocking her curls and signing her most known tunes. Agueda Lopez represented Grace Kelly, walking elegantly in her gown. Mariela Encarnacion was as glamorous as Sofia Loren. Michelle Vargas brought Elizabeth Taylor’s seductive vibe into the stage. Gabriela Acuna dressed in full Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s wore a gown and gorgeous updo. Alessandra Villegas looked beautiful as Marilyn Monroe in a glittery gown and short blonde hair. Scarlet Ortiz made justice to Ava Gardner’s classic beauty with an old Hollywood glam beauty look, and Audris Rijo impressed everyone when she became Maria Felix in a menswear inspired tailored tuxedo.

However, the Divas of Divas was Candela Ferro. Ferro came in full character as Frida Kahlo, and brought her strong and passionate spirit, to the runway. Her beautiful red dress was complemented with emerald tone jewels, braided hair with red ribbons, and Kahlo’s staple bold makeup look.  Alexandra Olavarria, Valeria Pintos, Elizabeth Lopez, Sofia Lamas, Erika Csiszer and Alejandra De La Fuente, brought the designs of Rosita Hurtado to the runway.

Rosita Hurtado also presented her menswear collection. The menswear line has elegant, sophisticated and playful pieces.To the delight of the attendees the runway was filled with actors and personalities wearing the collection. The gentlemen were: Gustavo Leone, Danilo Correa, William Valdez, Carlos Arrechea, Jorge Bernal, Daniel Sarcos, Fabian Hernandez, Leonardo Rey, Alberto Salaberri and Aneudy. There was also a presentation of the fall 2013 trends in evening wear. The ladies in gowns were: Azuna Cierco, Paty Cardona, Alexia Echeverria, Roxana Garcia and Karent Sierra.

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