NiteTalk: Burton Morris Pops Off at Adamar

Burton Morris Resized...

Pop Art has been a part of our lives for nearly five decades now, yet when the form is rendered right, it still has the capacity to surprise and delight. That's what Pop Artist Burton Morris does for us anyway. And the expert touch he's put on such iconic brands as Coke and Krispy Kreme has inspired icons like Kanye and Oprah to hang his work from their well-appointed walls. Morris is back at Adamar Fine Arts on Saturday night, this time with "Inside the Museum," so Niteside reached out for the lowdown.

Tell us a bit about "Inside the Museum."
"Inside the Museum" is a compilation of a new series of paintings that I have been working on over the last year. I pay homage to the great Pop artist masters by juxtaposing my most iconic paintings alongside their works, creating pure and simple irony.

Speaking of museums, you've shown in quite a few yourself, including The World of Coca-Cola Museum. What's it like being in the collection of one of the world's most iconic brands? It's an honor to be part of such a well known collection. I'm known for creating icons of popular culture and working with Coca-Cola was a natural extension of my art. The installation artwork is made up of 73 hand cut wooden bubbles along with five original hand painted acrylic on canvas paintings, each with wood extensions coming off the top of the canvas.

Are there any other brands' permanent collections of whom you're especially proud to be included?  Heinz Corporation, Perrier, Kellogg's Corporation, Absolut Vodka,Chanel Corporation, to name a few.

Glad you mentioned Kellog's. How'd the Pop-Tarts series come about? It's pretty interesting that in 1964 the term "PopTarts" was created after the word "Pop Art" and the Pop Art movement.  In 2009, Kellogg's was celebrating the 45th anniversary of the PopTarts brand and felt my art would add to the celebration of this event.

You're also collected by some of the world's most visible superstars, specifically Kanye West. How'd you hook up with the hip-hop heavyweight (and what's he got hangin' in his home)? Kanye is a collector of Pop Art and purchased a few paintings of "Big Boy" and "Sugar Bear" for his home. He also commissioned a Jetsons family series of paintings. The paintings were retroscoped for television and used in his "Heartless" video.

Any other superstars have Morris works among their collections? Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Allen, Emeril Lagasse, Jennifer Aniston.

Before we go, what else is coming up for Burton Morris?
In April I have an event with Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren's daughter) at her candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City, April 27th.

Burton Morris's "Inside the Museum" opens Saturday March 12, 7-10 p.m. at Adamar Fine Arts 4141 NE 2nd Ave Miami For more information call 305.756.1355

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