NiteTalk: DJ Induce Will Make You Dizzy

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Of all Miami's DJs, Induce is unquestionably one of the busiest. These nights he holds forth at The Florida Room (for XS), The Electric Pickle (for Poplife) and The Standard (for LoveLife), but there's not a room on either side of the causeways that he hasn't made dizzy with his spin. Besides boothing-up at some of our town's hippest venues, Induce has also unleashed a small slew of his own work -- as artist, remixer and producer -- and he's set to unleash even more. Something to think about the next time he's got you bouncing out on the dancefloor.

You recently unleashed a mix called "Loved & Lost, Pt 4." Was that a little case of heartbreak or more a public service for all those lonely souls? A bit of both. A few years ago, I finally figured out and accepted that I prefer music with a sad or nostalgic lean to it. The "Loved & Lost" mixes are for people without a valentine, whether it's Valentine's Day or not. Although the mix series originally started out as a personal mix I made for my own lost love that only she will ever hear.
What are you doing with a collection of sad songs anyway? I thought you were a happy DJ.  I could make 20 more mixes this week with the amount of melancholy music I have collected.
When you're not working the melancholy tip, what are some of the hottest new tracks on your turntable? I'm really liking this song called "Crave You" by a group called Flight Facilities that coincidentally happens to be semi-sad as well. Also, the Emperor Machine remix of the new Black Van joint on DFA called "Yearning" is crazy heavy. I also very much like the new Snoop Dogg called "I Wanna Rock," even though I'm jealous they used that sample because I had that same original sample in my stack to use next, but they did it good so I can't hate.
Besides the new and the now, what are some of the classics you most rely on putting into play? Any Prince. Talking Heads' "Once In a Lifetime." Any Phoenix. Always MOZ!

What essential ingredients does a track need to make it on to your playlist? It really depends. I would like to say that it has to have a good melody and good song structure, but then that wouldn't explain why I like Travis Porter's "All The Way Turn't Up" so much. I think it just comes down to Magic. There's just a magic in certain songs that make them real and wonderful.
What rooms do you most dig working?
The ones with people in them. It doesn't matter what kind of party I'm playing, as long as people are feeling the music and dancing.
Word is there's a top secret LP of your own slated to hit stores and dancefloors this summer. What's it called and what's it all about? Yes, it's under the name "The Wonderful Sound of Induce," to differentiate from my more straight-up hip hop and instrumental stuff. The album is called "Halfway Between Me And You." It's the happiest breakup album of all time and no one has heard me do anything like this.
If you could change one thing about Miami's nightlife, what would it be? Actually, I would say it would be good to have more clubs and venues. I think when there is an overabundance of places to go, the types of parties get more interesting and less generic.
You're a nice guy, and we don't wanna get you hatin' on anybody. But aren't there just too many DJs? Yes! If you can't blend two records together that were made with drum machines, you shouldn't be DJing.
When you're not doing the dizzy, where do you most like to hang out?
At home, watching the commentary track on a DVD, learning how to make movies since I didn't go to film school and plan to move into film in the future. If I do, on the rare occasion, feel like going out, I might go to LIV on Wednesday for Dirty Harry to look at pretty girls but never ever talk to them or Bar (PS14) to hang out with friends or maybe I'll go eat at Sra Martinez, which I think is one of the best restaurants in Miami.

DJ Induce: Thursdays - VS @ Florida Room; Saturdays - Poplife @ Electric Pickle; Sundays - LoveLife @ The Standard

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