Open Up and Say Spa

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SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER: Grading papers, giving tests and making sure students learn are just a few things teachers do during the school year. While school may be out for summer, it's never too late to tell your teacher you appreciate them. Seven Seas Aveda Spa and Salon is hosting a summer long Teacher Appreciation promo till August 15th. Educators can select their choice of spa treatments each for $20. There's a mani/pedi, mini facial, bikini wax, spray tan, make up application, wash and dry and eye brow grooming. Plus, teachers get free valet parking, beach deck access and complimentary champagne. GET IT: Seven Seas Aveda Spa and Salon, Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort, 16701 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles; 305.749.2100.

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