Pop! Pop!

By the power of Grayskull, go to this exhibit

There are a few good things going on above the Miami-Dade County line. Like Pinkghost, technically a toy store and gallery. They retail things like art, books, apparel and designer toys. This means they’re selling things like plush bunnies with mustaches and mini-monsters that look better on the shelf than in a baby’s mouth. Whatever you end up buying there, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be adorable.

This Saturday from 7-10 p.m., the store will host an opening for Pop!Pop!, a group show including over 30 artists inspired by pop culture. The show has been curated by Alex Van Clief and includes international and local artists -- call it a global affair. These creatives have been granted inspiration from shows like Lost (Patrick Fatica), Masters of the Universe (Ryan Berkley), and the artist currently known as Prince (Phurtura Brazier).

If there is a painting of He-Man or Skeletor, we strongly suggest you purchase it. Castle Grayskull is no messing around, top of the line, pop-tastic.

These guys like to eat cute food too, so there will be Buddha Belly Cupcakes free of charge.

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