The Beauty Beat: July 22-28

It’s time to get a heavenly glow, drink some juice and squeeze in an Olympic-sized workout.

This week, why not try some makeup from M.A.C. that’s good enough for the stars. Give yourself a clean start with a juice cleanse from The Standard Spa. And workout like an Olympian at Crunch.

BEAUTY: Read your horoscope every day? Think your fate may be controlled by the stars? Your look for the evening might be astrologically inspired if you give M.A.C.’s new Heavenly Creature collection a go. Drawing from the heavens and astrology for its latest beauty offerings,, find planet Earth-hued eye shadows, like Sky, Saturn-inspired Mineralize Blush, appropriately named Ring of Saturn, and Aries red Fire Sign Lipstick. GET IT: Now through August 19. 1107 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305.538.1088.

SPA: Burgers, fries, shakes, oh my. If your daily intake looks like a fast food menu, it may be time to reset your system. The Standard Spa is offering its five-day juice detox starting July 23-27. Sign up for five juices a day, plus tea, VitaCoco Coconut water and Smart Water. You’ll also get invitations to wellness programming and trips to the baths and hamam. Just keep telling yourself, “I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.” You’ll feel like a new you in no time. GET IT: $375. Pre-registration required. For more info, contact 40 Island Ave., Miami Beach; 305.704.3945.

GYM: Olympians, they’ve got the stuff to go for the gold. You, you’ve got the stuff to get yourself to the gym. They’re called legs. Let’s move ‘em to Crunch for The Decathlon. The new group fitness class is inspired by the Olympics and combines 10 cardio and strength drills in a circuit format to work you into better shape. Lolo Jones and Michael Phelps shape, to be exact. There’s a reason why those Olympians are flab-free. Here’s your chance to go for the gold. GET IT: For class times and more info, call 305.674.8222. 1259 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

By Ginger Harris, author of the Miami fashion and beauty blog

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