The Daily Mix: A Closer Look at the Top Stories for Tuesday, October 2

What to Know

  • It’s Tuesday in South Florida – and NBC 6 has your top stories to know for the day.

It’s Tuesday in South Florida – and NBC 6 has your top stories to know for the day.

Weather wise, the overnight rain will lead to a drier afternoon and highs in the upper 80s but you’ll want to keep that umbrella around for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

No. 1 – Second arrest made in death of Southwest Miami-Dade man

After arresting the victim’s 17-year-old daughter for her role in the September 24th incident, officials say her boyfriend – 19-year-old Demar Turruellas – was charged with second degree murder as well as other offenses after Evelio Federico Gainza was shot in the back multiple times before the teens dragged his body into a bedroom and hid it with towels and blankets.

No. 2 – Rick Scott, Bill Nelson hold first debate ahead of November’s election for U.S. Senate

It’s one of the most watched races in the country as the GOP Governor of Florida is looking to defeat the longtime incumbent Democrat – in a debate recorded at the studios of our sister station, Telemundo 51.

You can watch the entire debate at 7 p.m. on NBC6.com

No. 3 – Amazon raising minimum wage for U.S. workers

The company, which has faced political and economic pressure to raise, will pay all U.S. workers $15 per hour starting next month as they look to hire over 100,000 holiday workers.

No. 4 – Horse gets loose inside café near Paris, France

The horse broke loose from a racing stable and ran straight for the nearest café, from one end of the bar to the other while making u-turns and galloping around. The owner of the store says luckily no one was hurt and you can see the video by clicking here.

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