The Giving Tree

It's time to donate at the Vagabond

Shel Silverstein’s famous book "The Giving Tree" is read to children all around the world. The story is basically about a boy who uses everything his friendly neighborhood tree has until he murders the plant and in the end has offered it nothing in return. Sounds more like the story of global warming than of healthy giving. Hopefully this Wednesday night will offer the title a new meaning for those of us who want to give back and not just take, take, take.

Miami’s own indie record store Sweat is joining forces with Circuitree Records to raise money for an Overtown elementary school in need of arts supplies and programming. This Giving Tree will involve more of us giving to children to help them grow into well-rounded adults. The arts provide children with the confidence to be creative, not just in ceramics class, but in future personal and professional circumstances. The arts also give children time to relax. Poverty is stressful, and so this is something of great value to kids growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.

Circuitree founder Paul Gaeta (aka PG-13) is an elementary school art teacher. The budget for arts supplies is zero dollars at the inner-city school, Frederick Douglass Elementary. Why is it that those with the least are often given the least opportunities to flourish? Bad luck or capitalism, this is your chance to help even out at least one Overtown playing field. 

There will be live performances by Afrobeta, Junc Ops, OOO + Jiae Hwang and Starlund. DJs include Romulo del Castillo, PG-13 and CNTRL. Visual art has been provided by Kent Hernandez, Bhakti Baxter and 131 Projects. Bring your sweet tooth and grab some treats by Cadycakes.

The fundraiser takes place on Wednesday, August 5 at 9:30 p.m. at The Vagabond, 30 N.E. 14 St. The suggested donation is $5, but please give more if you can. All proceeds go directly to the kids.

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