Pam Grier of “The L Word”: “I Have So Much Fun in This Town”

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Actress Pam Grier of "The L Word" fame hosted non-stop parties all week long for Miami Beach's famous Winter Party Festival.

"I have so much fun in this town," she said. "Everywhere you look, the people are better and better looking. It's really not like this anywhere else."

The celebration, which benefits the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, was once a one-time charity dance party. Since its inception in 1994, it has evolved into a week-long series of events like pool parties, art exhibits and a big beach fiesta.

"The parties have been colder this year, but that didn't hurt the atmosphere one bit," she said. 

Grier spends most of her days in her home state of Colorado, but jumped at the chance to host WPF.

"Miami is a great city," she said. "Just a little different from where I come from -- more trees, naked bodies, sunshine. A lot more tropical than Colorado. It can be so wild, wild west sometimes."

Grier also wanted to make it a point to drive home that Winter Party is much more than excuse for a beach bash.

"This event is much bigger than all of us. Any way to make people aware of the LGBT community is a good thing. Just like 'The L Word' changed society, events like this do too," she said.

For any fan of the Showtime hit who was looking for a part two or TV-to-movie remake, she has bad news.

"From what I know Showtime has nothing planned. Every fan I meet asks me what happened on the finale. I think as a cast we did our job. Our show is over, sorry guys," she said.

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