The Mother Lode


MOTHER MAY I: For decades you’ve been listening to mom rave about how Jimmy gave her this for Mother’s Day back in ’96. Or how Suzy was so thoughtful with her gift from last year. Now it’s your turn to win mom’s favor and make your siblings live in your limelight for the next 365 days. Score some serious extra points with Mom this year by taking her for a treat at Lush’s pre-Mother’s Day celebration. Mom will score free hand massages, tea, treats and -- if you’re so inclined -- a gift, like the Mum Hatbox ($59.95) from you. The kit comes complete with Bath Melts, Bubble Bars, Soaps and Strawberry Cream Washes (read: enough to remind her how awesome you are every time she hits the tub.) Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Suck on that, siblings. GET IT: Lush Aventura Mall, 19501 Biscayne Blvd., 305.935.7022.


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