The Rapture at Grand Central

Wanna feel old? (Don't worry, this is Miami, so you don't have to look it.) The Rapture's breakthrough release came out in 2001, which, by our calculations, was 11 years ago.

While you rush out for wrinkle cream, make a stop at for tickets: the now-trio who lead the post-punk dance revival of the aughts is making an October 17 stop at Grand Central to promote the release of their long-awaited fourth album In the Grace of Your Love. They won't have longtime bassist Mattie Safer in tow, but they will be drawing a new generation of fans and everyone who wants to relive the first time around -- and we mean everyone. Miami hasn't seen The Rapture since 2007, so here's guessing there's gonna be a pretty long line on the night. Avoid all that and save $5 with $20 advance tickets, which go on sale Friday morning at 10 a.m.

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