Questlove on Being Part Of Oprah's Final Season: It Was “Surreal”

The Roots drummer Questlove said being a part of Oprah's final season was emotional.

“It was a really fast experience, not only because it's Oprah, but as were doing it, people are slowly but surely taking the stage apart,” Questlove told Niteside during the Hennessy Artistry event last weekend of his time at Harpo Studios last week.

”It was so surreal. Everyone and their mother is crying, and it’s very emotional because it’s the final year. I don’t know what that place is going to be like it in its final week. I heard, but I can't say. It’s going to be big. Oprah made me sign a confidentiality agreement.”

The music man, who was in town with rapper Q Tip and Bobby Brown for the event, has little time on his hands these days as he pens his memoir, collaborates with multiple artists on albums and holds down his gig as the band for "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

“At the time when I was at the 'Chappelle Show,' someone said, 'Jimmy should hire The Roots,' and everyone kind of laughed at it. But then Jimmy, was like, 'Seriously, please come to my show.' We wanted to make sure he was serious, and he wanted to make sure we were,” he said.

 Now, Questlove said he knows he has a pretty sweet set-up going on.

“I love the s--- out of the show," he said. "It gave us an opportunity to keep our monetary situation straight, be home, and we thought it was going to be a retirement gig, but that definitely isn’t happening. We have had so much come from it, so if anything, we were delusional. We only do eight minutes of music a week, so were so down for that, but now its more collaborations, more projects, so much more has come from it. “

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