This SPF Is No Spoof

Will Ferrell's next project: A line of sunscreen (WHY?)

After conquering the silver screen, the small screen, and even Broadway, Will Ferrell was ready for a new challenge. The logical next step was, of course, the skincare market. Wait, what?

Now you can lather up all summer with Will Ferrell's new line of three "Will-powered" SPF lotions: Sexy Hot Tan, Sun Stroke and Forbidden Fruit. Each bottle features a semi-nude picture of Ferrell. And based on his streaking scene in "Old School," we're guessing these pics were Photoshopped.

Ferrell gives the Coppertone Baby a run for her money in a Speedo and slightly exposed derriere on the Sexy Hot Tan bottle, while a steroid-enhanced Ferrell graces the label of Sun Stroke. Forbidden Fruit boasts the most revealing of the three pictures, with Ferrell's body looking like a strange cross between Adam and Eve. We're thankful there's some strategically placed fruit.

So why did this funnyman decide to dabble in skincare? "I’ve always dreamed of owning a lotion company. And I’ve always hated cancer," says Ferrell. Who can argue with that?

Whether you're prepping your body for the next frat-house streaking, or in the market for a great Father's Day gift, Will Ferrell sunscreen is your answer. Plus, all proceeds from the lotions will go towards the charity Cancer for College, which provides college scholarships to cancer survivors and amputees.

The sunscreen can be purchased for $12 on eBay, Amazon, or the charity's Web site.

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