TransAtlantic Rock

It’s the concert series you may actually learn something from

Did you know this humidity-infested sweatbox we live in is seen as a crossroads of America and Europe? Did you know it’s referred to as a TransAtlantic capital?

No? Neither did we. But that’s what the folks at the Heineken TransAtlantic Festival dubbed our little plot of sand. And that’s why, for the seventh year running, they're melding music from all over the Atlantic Rim right here in Miami.

Thanks to the Rhythm Foundation, from April 2 to the 25 Miami gets a taste of music from our Atlantic-sharing friends like Europe, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, the Caribbean, and N.Y.C.

The concert series, named the “best festival” by both the New Times and the Sun Post, packs a serious cultural punch with native-meets-new-wave sounds from each country.  

Look for tunes from Seu Jorge, Bossacucanova, DJ Da Lua and oodles more to have you rocking throughout the month. You may even learn something about geography, too, like where Mali is.

Tickets range anywhere from free to $25, and the concerts hit up local spots all over town, like News Lounge at 55th Street Station and the North Beach Bandshell, with after parties at Boteca.

It’s OK if WMC's end left a hole in your music life. TransAtlatic Festival fills the gap for another month. After all, we apparently live in a cultural music mecca. See, you already learned something.




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