Pick-Up Artist Tucker Max: I Feel No Guilt

Pick-up artist Tucker Max said he doesn't feel guilty for documenting and bragging about his sexual conquests.

"People try a lot of things, but I I don't pay attention to it," Max told Niteside ahead of his Books & Books tonight for his latest tome "A--holes Finish First."

"Why would I feel guilty for doing something everyone else is doing?"

Max, a self-described boozehound and womanizer, documents his escapades on his blog and has parlayed his partying and promiscuity into a 2006 New York Times bestseller "I Hope They Serve Been in Hell." His newfound fame has forced him to change-up how he plays the field.

"I don't have to go out and pick up more women anymore," Max said. "They approach me and that kind of changes the whole equation." 

He added, "So I still have all these crazy funny stories, but crazy funny in a weird different way." 

Max produced a silver-screen version of his 2006 book but it was a box-office bomb, pulling in a meager $1.7 million. Hollywood, he said, is not for him. 

"There's no chance I would do another one," Max said. "I hate Hollywood and I hate almost everything about the whole process."

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