What Yo Momma Thinks

If you’ve ever been sent into fits of hysterics – good and bad – by mom, then we have the perfect site for you: Postcards from Yo Momma is a self-described repository of modern day maternal correspondence.

From all-expense paid guilt trips to unwanted confessions to sage advice about swine flu, Postcards from Yo Momma publishes snippets of emails and IMs from moms everywhere for all to see.

This site includes gems such as: "Just thought since you did not call ME, I would email to let you know I have a stress fracture in my leg near my knee and have to be off my feet for 2 wks."

Every heard something like that before? We’re guessing so. But perhaps you could have passed on knowing what mom was doing yesterday: "I am looking around craigs list because I have nothing better to do. and I end up looking at pic’s of mens penis’s. great."

And in the category of how could we ever make it without mom and swine flu, they bring us: "Buy some face masks at a pharmacy NOW before they run out."

It’s hard to wrap all that love and wackiness into one perfectly flawed package, but somehow our mothers manage. (And we mean that in the best possible way.) For the moms of the world – and the people who love them – this site is for you.

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