What's on the Mind of the American Male

Esquire dives where no magazine has dived before

The prototypical macho American male is going through a bit of an identity crisis these days. With men (and women of course) across the country out of work, the chauvinistic male ego is a bit bruised after not being able to perform its stereotypical functions (winning bread, slaughtering cows, playing a round of golf, etc.).

So what really is on the mind of the American male? What has a fluttering economy, two never ending wars and the lack of a Miley Cyrus sex tape have the average man thinking about? Well sex, cars and Rick James of course.

Leave it to our friends at Esquire to put together a list of what average men are thinking while the world is seemingly falling apart. They interviewed men across the country about what is rattling around their heads. A few even offered some good advice.

"Don't waste your time with the maintenance schedule of your car," Jerry Hecko, 66, mechanic from Greencastle, Ind. said. "That'll cost you big-time, for stuff you don't always need. Find a mechanic who cares about you. Don't use a dealer. You have to search. They are out there."

Or did you know that Tuesday is the worst day of the week? It's true. Just ask Charlie Boehme of Memphis. Why is the worst day of the week? Well because you don't know whether to look forward or back of course.

And do you know what people who get paid big bucks to think about the American auto industry are thinking about? Just ask Dan Neil, an automotive critic with the Los Angeles Times.

"Sex in a car isn't good," he said. "But the idea of sex in a car is good."

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