Woman Fails to Buy Super Bowl Dating Ad

She fell short of raising the $3 million ad dollars she needed to run a personal ad during the game,.

Remember the comedian who released a CD a few years ago of anxious phone messages left by her mother, who kept calling with inspirational dating advice to help her daughter find a husband, already, while she was still young enough to pick up her grandchildren? That was Amy Borkowsky, and she's still single. So back in the fall she decided to take matters into her own hands and run a personal ad to pique interest from potential suitors. On TV. During the Superbowl.

You're thinking, if this singleton has Superbowl ad money, she's probably sugarmomma bait to somebody out there, right? Well, not quite. The New Yorker -- who was cagey about revealing her age, but whom various news sources (like this ABC story) place at around 48 years old -- was hoping to raise the $3 million it costs to run a Superbowl spot via cash donations on her website, superbowlsinglegirl.com. Despite an initial flurry of press and the best intentions of a handful of donors, Borkowsky (a Mensa member!) was still about $2,994,000 short (she was hoping to snag a corporate sponsor, not realizing that there are, what, maybe four companies still in business?).

But! Miracles do happen, because CNN saw in Borkowsky's heroic plea for romance an opportunity to broadcast something other than endlessly spooling re-chews of "news" by "experts." So they'll be running her personal ad on Headline News all weekend, starting Saturday at 7:30PM -- and all the money Borkowsky raised will be donated to the United Way.

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