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Young Marlins Park Rock Climber Feels "Extremely" Lucky After Fall

Girl who fell off rock-climbing wall at Marlins Park to be released from hospital



    Emily Davis says she's extremely lucky after she fell about 20 feet off a rock-climbing wall at Marlins Park. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    The 11-year-old Plantation girl who fell about 20 feet from a rock-climbing wall at Marlins Park says she feels "extremely" lucky to have survived the drop.

    In an exclusive interview with NBC 6, Emily Davis said she blacked out when she hit the ground after falling from the wall following Saturday's game.

    "All I remember is just seeing like everything fall," she said from her bed at Jackson Memorial Hospital Tuesday night.

    Davis and her family had gone to a Marlins carnival after the game when she decided to climb the wall. She had reached the top when her harness failed, sending her to the un-padded pavement below.

    "The cable snapped and I fell on my back," she said. Davis's father, Jeff, captured the frightening drop on videotape.

    "She hit so hard, she bounced," Jeff Davis said. "And I'm just thinking, 'be alive, be alive, be alive.'"

    Despite no helmet and nothing but concrete below her, Davis survived with a concussion and bruising.

    Jeff Davis said he blames the rock climbing wall company and the Marlins.

    "If I have a rock-climbing wall at my house, and you come over to my party, and your kid falls in my front yard, I would feel, I don't even care about who I hired, you're in my house and my yard, I would feel responsible," he said.

    The Marlins said they're investigating the incident.

    "The Marlins will continue to prioritize safety for all activities taking place at Marlins Park," the team said in a statement. "We wish her well on her continued recovery."

    Davis is able to move again and was expected to leave the hospital Wednesday. She said she's been blown away by the support she's gotten from friends and family and feels like a star since her video made news all over the world.

    She also had a piece of advice for fellow climbers.

    "I guess I'll tell them not to recommend that rock-climbing service," she said.


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