2 Burger King Employees Charged With Stealing $500 from Customer's Purse at Sunrise Location: Cops

Officials said surveillance footage shows Edward Navarez and Christian Aponte-Lamberty take the purse from a manager's office.

Two Burger King employees were arrested for stealing money from an elderly woman's purse and then throwing the purse in a nearby dumpster.

Edward Navarez, 19, and Christian Aponte-Lamberty, 24, took $500 from a 69-year-old woman's purse that was left at the Burger King at 3 Weston Road, according to a Sunrise Police Department arrest report.

Officials said surveillance footage shows Navarez and Aponte-Lamberty take the purse from the restaurant manager's office on May 21st. Navarez is seen giving Aponte-Lamberty a high five and then carrying a lightly filled garbage bag out back to a dumpster, the report said.

The manager found the purse in the dumpster the next day and victim Karin Ketcher said the $500 cash she had inside was missing, the report said.

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Officials found Aponte-Lamberty at his home on Monday and he agreed to go in for questioning. He admitted to stealing the purse and splitting the $500 with a co-worker named "Edward," the report said.

Authorities caught up with Navarez the following day and he admitted to taking $100 of the $500 and throwing the purse in the dumpster, the report said.

Aponte-Lamberty was charged with grand theft and released on his own recognizance Tuesday, according to officials. Jail records show Navarez, who was charged with larceny, was being held on $1000 bond as of Thursday. It's unknown if they have attorneys.

Burger King did not immediately comment on the incident.

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