2 Years After Parkland, Survivors Release Chilling Video Asking for Action

Two years after 17 students and faculty members were tragically killed during a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, survivors from the tragedy decided to create an intense video reliving the event.

Two current students teamed up with Broadway performer and choreographer, Kelli Gautreau, to make the 6-minute video, (Take Action) Not Sides!

The story begins with brother and sister Kyle and Mya Laman reliving the day of the shooting. Kyle describes the trauma he is still dealing with - he was one of the many people who were injured by the gunfire.

Members of the dance group Dancing 4 Change then re-enact the shooting - dressed in white inside an empty gymnasium.

Kyle and his sister did not want to speak about the video - saying their voices spoke for themselves.

People close to the project say, ultimately, (Take Action) Not Sides! is meant to raise awareness of what needs to change instead of taking sides.

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