200 in Miami Renew Their Vows on Valentine’s Day

Music was playing, champagne was flowing, and love was in the air Tuesday night

Dozens of South Florida couples celebrated Valentine's Day by renewing their promise of love.

At the Marjorie and William McDonald Center in North Miami Beach Tuesday night, music was playing, champagne was flowing, and love was in the air.

Nita and Paul Algar also celebrated their anniversary.

"Sixty-eight years I've had this woman and I can't get rid of her," Paul Algar joked.

The two have been married since she was 19 and he was 20.

"He's a big joker," Nita Algar said. "If you laugh, it'll last a lot longer."

Caroline Turner and George Peroni have been together for 32 years, but their story is a little different. They are not married and do not live together. They say that is why they are able to stay happy and in love.

"She's very pretty. She dances well. And she's one hell of a cook," Peroni said.

Married or not, every couple at the masquerade party renewed their vows. It's something the Williamses have been doing since they got married 30 years ago.

"We don't know if we're going to live 50 years, so we're going to do it while we're living because we're still in love," Ernestine Williams said.

The couples said the secret to a long, happy life together is "being unselfish" and "taking the time out to say I love you."

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