3 South Florida Men Arrested on Terrorism-Related Charges

Authorities say one of the men bought a plane ticket to Germany and planned to take a train to Turkey and head to Syria

Three South Florida men have been arrested in connection with a plan one of them made to travel overseas to join ISIS, authorities said.

Gregory Hubbard, aka Jibreel; Darren Arness Jackson, aka Daoud; and Dayne Atani Christian, aka Shakur, are accused of knowingly conspiring and attempting to provide material support to ISIS, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The men appeared in federal court in Miami Friday, officials said. It's unknown if they've hired attorneys.

Hubbard, 52, and Jackson, 50, are from West Palm Beach. Christian, 31, is from Lake Park.

Officials said the men had been under observation by the FBI and that Hubbard told a confidential FBI informant that he wanted to travel to Syria and join ISIS to engage in violent jihad.

Hubbard had bought an airline ticket to Germany and had planned to board a train to Turkey and head to Syria, authorities said.

He was arrested Thursday at Miami International Airport before he could begin the first leg of his trip, officials said.

Authorities said Christian and Jackson also expressed a desire to join ISIS and provided weapons and firearms training to Hubbard.

Jackson was arrested after driving Hubbard to the airport Thursday, officials said. Christian was arrested at work.

Officials said the men discussed trying to carry out attacks in the U.S. and had practiced at a shooting range, but decided against the attack.

"Individuals seeking to travel and take up arms with ISIL pose a threat to the United States and humanity across the globe,” U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said in a statement. "The U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force continue to work proactively in order to stifle and disrupt any potential danger posed by the terrorist organizations and their supporters."

A criminal complaint alleges the suspects would regularly listen to online messages from ISIS, including praise for the Pulse nightclub attack that killed 49 people in Orlando.

"The nightclub was a soft target and regardless if they are gay or not, it was blood for blood and it was an added bonus that they were gay," Christian said, according to the complaint.

The three are scheduled to be arraigned next month.

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