Broward Sheriffs Office

4 to Remain Jailed on Charges of Aiding Murder Suspect's Escape From Broward Courthouse

Four people charged with aiding a murder suspect's escape from custody at the Broward County Courthouse will remain behind bars for the time being.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Sunday that Dayonte Resiles' 18-year-old girlfriend, LaQuay Stern, 22-year-old Winston Russell and two 17-year-old twin brothers are charged with escape and accessory after the fact to murder.

Both Stern and Russell were given no bond at a hearing Monday, while the teens will stay in a juvenile facility until at least an August 5th hearing to determine if they should be eligible for release.

"The fact that Resiles remains at large today tells me there are more people aiding and abetting him in his escape," said Israel.

Israel said Stern and Russell waited in a silver BMW getaway car while the twins were in the courtroom Friday when the 21-year-old Resiles fled the courthouse.

He said the twins coughed into a cell phone as Resiles fled to signal Stern and Russell that he was on the way. Israel says Russel had a bag with clothes for Resiles and a generic police uniform for Russel.

The lawyer representing the twins seemed to indicate his clients were being scapegoated.

"There's going to be a lot of scrutiny concerning the Broward Sheriff's Office, how Mr. Resiles got out of custody, there's going to be a lot of internal investigations concerning how that whole incident occurred," attorney George Odom said. "What we don't want is there to be a rush to judgment, pressure, that just because these two young men's names were included in some way, shape or form with this case that they automatically did something wrong."

The massive search continues after Resiles reportedly jumped out of the jury box inside a courtroom and escaped police custody Friday morning. Resiles broke free of handcuffs and shackles before leaving his jumpsuit on the ground in the hallway.

In a statement Saturday, Broward Sheriff's Office said that Resiles is armed and he did not act alone in his escape.

If you think you've seen Resiles call 911 immediately. Broward Crime Stoppers is now offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest.

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