6 Things to Know – Sound From Mall Mayhem Revealed, Best Deals for Medical Procedures

It’s Wednesday, October 16th – and NBC 6 has the top stories you need to know for the day.

No. 1 – Weather wise, it won't reach record temperatures Wednesday, but South Florida will be feeling much warmer for the next few days in your First Alert forecast. Keep your NBC 6 app handy for push alerts of any severe weather as well as First Alert Doppler 6000.

No. 2 - A woman who was the victim of a violent armed robbery near Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood is speaking out as police continue their search for the man who attacked her.

Becky O'Neill was walking to work on Oct. 9 near the hospital in the area of Garfield Street and 35th Avenue when she said a man jumped out of an alleyway and mugged her at gunpoint.

No. 3 - Police have released new surveillance video of a fatal hit-and-run crash in NW Miami-Dade, hoping to find the suspect behind the heartbreaking crime.

No. 4 - The sound that shoppers at a popular Boca Raton mall thought was gunshots being fired over the weekend was actually a balloon being popped after it was run over, according to police.

No. 5 - The fourth Democratic presidential debate was held Tuesday night in Ohio. The debate touched numerous amount of topics and had Elizabeth Warren on the defense as rivals accused the Massachusetts senator of ducking questions about the cost of Medicare for All and her signature "wealth tax" plan in an attempt to derail her rising campaign.

No. 6 - A new website wants to help consumers find the best deals on medical visits and procedures. CarePay features a price comparison tool that allows users to search by their zip code and find the current Medicare and Medicaid prices at local doctor’s offices. NBC 6’s Sasha Jones has the details.

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