Clinton and Trump 'On the Fringes': Gary Johnson Talks to NBC 6 - NBC 6 South Florida

Clinton and Trump 'On the Fringes': Gary Johnson Talks to NBC 6



    Libertarian Gary Johnson Visits Miami, Speaks With NBC 6

    Libertarian presidential nominee hits the campaign trail in South Florida and sits down with NBC 6's Jackie Nespral. (Published Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016)

    Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson made his first official appearance in South Florida hoping to get enough support to make it into the next presidential debate.

    In Miami Thursday dressed in the traditional guayabera, Johnson visited the must-stop for all candidates, Versailles Cuban restaurant. Before that, he sat down with NBC 6 and was asked about the possibility that he'll hand the election to the Democrats.

    "Well, right now, I believe that what I’m saying represents 60 percent of Americans, I’m speaking with a large brush-stroke. Fiscally conservative, socially inclusive, I think that entails about 60 percent of the population," Johnson said. "I think the two major parties, Clinton and Trump, are really on the fringes, and when 50 percent of Americans right now are registering as independent, where is that representation?"

    Johnson needs to reach 15 percent in the polls to participate in the debates. He says he's now hovering close to 10 percent.