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Coral Springs Man Wanting "Murder For Hire" Talked With "Hit Man" Who Was a Police Officer: Prosecutors

Munawar Toha, 65, allegedly hired someone to kill 4 witnesses in the murder of his wife



    Recordings Played in "Murder For Hire" Case

    At the trial of Munawar Toha Wednesday, inmate Oscar Izquierdo said he was the middleman in a murder for hire scheme that the Coral Springs man sought. Detective William Walker testified, and prosecutor Tom Coleman and Toha's defense attorney gave their opening statements. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012)

    A Coral Springs man accused of killing his wife is facing more trouble.

    Now, he is on trial for allegedly hiring someone to kill four witnesses in that case. Little did he know, the person he believed to be a hit man was a police officer.

    Munawar Toha sat in a Broward courtroom Wednesday afternoon, and for some of the day, he listened to himself speak – on tape recordings.

    "Do you want, the people, like, uh, to disappear and not come back, or ..." a witness asked on a recording.

    "Yeah, if you can ... if it's a possibility,” Toha replied.

    "Well, that's a little bit more, because I have to put them somewhere where nobody finds them,” the witness answered.

    The voice of the witness on the tapes is that of Detective William Walker – someone Toha believed was a hit man.

    "I felt when he said green light, he wanted them to disappear permanent," Walker testified.

    Police: Murdered Mother Died of Head Trauma

    While in jail, Toha met inmate Oscar Izquierdo. Izquierdo says he acted as the middleman.

    "He knew I had come from prison and he knew that in prison they were doing this," Izquierdo said about murders for hire.

    Prosecutor Tom Coleman said in his opening statements, "The light bulb goes off for Mr. Toha because Mr. Izquierdo is already involved in a witness murder for hire involving witnesses on somebody else, and Mr. Toha says he wants the same thing."

    Toha is in jail without bond, accused of killing his wife, Surya Toha. Those four people who Toha allegedly wanted dead are all witnesses in the murder of his wife, who was 41.

    Surya Toha disappeared after she dropped her two young kids off at school. Days later, her body was found inside her car, in a Pompano Beach lake in April 2010. Detectives say nearby surveillance cameras showed Toha shoving the car into the lake.

    The defense said Toha didn't initiate these calls, and blames the other inmate, Izquierdo, who facilitated the conversations.

    "The evidence is going to show you that there was no chance anyone was going to be harmed in this case," Toha's attorney said. "This was an imaginary crime."

    Toha is still waiting to go to trial for his wife's murder.

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