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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Did it Snow?

It still counts even if it melts before it hits the ground!



    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Did it Snow?
    Okay, so it was nothing like this. Except in our minds!

    How are we going to know what to tell our grandkids when we visit them in our flying cars?

    The National Weather Service announced several reports of snow flurries last night in Dade and Broward Counties, but it seems no one's got actual proof.

    "We can't deny it didn't happen. We just haven't been able to confirm it," meteorologist Joel Rothfuss said. (Snow: the new Yeti.)

    Though Central Florida saw legitimate flurries on Saturday and snow was spotted as far south as Naples, Miami hasn't had a confirmed case of that kind of snow since Jan. 19, 1977.

    But at 7:20 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a bulletin stating that a "trained spotter" had seen rain and light snow flurries in western Boynton Beach and Knuth and Woolbright Roads. A second bulletin immediately followed, with a similar report from Jar and Woolbright. 

    Oakland Park got in on the act, with a 9:00 p.m. report that a mix of snow flurries and rain was observed around 7.

    Dade County finally had its moment of maybe-history around 9:15 when the NWS published a report that another trained spotter had seen "a few" ice pellets and flurries near the Town and Country Mall in Kendall.

    The precipitation on record for each report? A whopping 0.00.

    So did it happen? We're going with yes! Miami tied its record low of 35 degrees set back in 1970 last night, and we're so unaccustomed to snow a trained spotter is likely the only person who'd even recognize it.

    And really, it's time to get that 1977 miracle snow off our backs. That thing was getting to be like the '72 Dolphins.